After five months of careful selection, on December 15th, the 2021 Venture50 final evaluation list initiated by Zero2IPO Ventures and the investment community was finally officially released. Relying on its independent and original leading technology and fast-developing market power, Yixin Technology was successfully selected into the “2021 Investment Industry Hard Technology Venture50” list.

It is worth mentioning that Yixin Technology was also shortlisted in the 2020 Venture50 list. It can be seen that as a high-growth high-tech enterprise, Yixin’s domestic chip technology strength has always been highly regarded by the industry and investment. Recognition is expected to lead a new era of “China Core” empowered storage.

Venture50 is the vane of investment in high-growth companies. It has discovered and witnessed the growth of numerous outstanding entrepreneurial companies into “unicorns”. This time, Venture50 continued to work with hundreds of investment institutions and more than a thousand investors to conduct careful scoring, and finally selected the four major industry lists of the wind and cloud list, the budding list, and the hard technology, digital technology, medical health, and new consumption.

Adhering to the principle of creating multi-dimensional interactions for entrepreneurs and investors, this year’s selection covers a large number of innovative and entrepreneurial companies. In the end, Yixin Technology stood out from the original more than 3000 companies and successfully ranked on the “Hard Technology Venture50”.

Yixin Technology was established at the end of 2015. Since its establishment, it has established the corporate positioning of “self-developed master chip, independent brand solution” and anchored the track of domestic high-end enterprise-level SSD head enterprises. Therefore, in terms of team building, corporate strategic deployment, ecological industry chain, etc., all focus on the principle of domestically produced independent originality and deep cultivation of the enterprise-level market, and promote the development of the domestic chip industry with self-developed innovative technologies. The current business direction covers consumer-level and enterprise-level, master control chips and solutions.

The R&D personnel of Yixin Technology account for more than 80%. The core R&D members have many years of R&D experience and multiple R&D achievements, and have rich experience in many aspects from the underlying algorithm to the chip design to the solution design. As of November 2021, Yixin Technology has applied for a total of 232 patents, and innovatively introduced the processor architecture to the storage field for the first time; successfully completed the tapeout of 3 high-end consumer-level and enterprise-level SSD master chips, and developed high-performance Low-power NVMe SSD master control has been mass-produced and shipped.

The second-generation NVMe SSD master chip STAR1000P independently developed by Yixin Technology, the system is used in consumer and enterprise markets, has industry-leading continuous read and write and random read and write performance, adapts to domestic DDR4 and NAND Flash, supports a variety of Mainstream CPU platforms and operating systems at home and abroad. Based on the main control chip STAR1000P, Yixin has launched a variety of STAR1200 series solid state drives, which can be flexibly used in various application scenarios.

Yixin’s “2021 Investment Circle Hard Technology Venture50” Leads the New Era of “China Chip” Storage

Yixin Technology’s consumer-level and enterprise-level master chip STAR1000P

The eco-industry chain of Yixin Technology currently covers consumer, enterprise, and industrial markets, and the solutions developed have reached market-oriented mass production and are widely recognized by the market. The rapid development of Yixin Technology has also attracted the high favor of investment institutions and industrial synergy. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the B round of 500 million yuan financing was completed, achieving a perfect ending of technological innovation and industrial capital.

Among the financing institutions, there is no lack of additional investment from old shareholders such as Shenzhen Venture Capital and China Overseas Fund. There are also deep blessings from well-known industrial investment institutions such as Lenovo Zhengqi, CLP Tuofang, Silk Road Huachuang, etc., all of which are independent of Yixin Technology. The original hard technology strength and the excellent performance on the domestic enterprise-level SSD track are highly recognized with a positive attitude and long-term development. This is also for Yixin Technology to continue to strengthen the domestic self-developed road, and promote the development of domestic chips with its own original technology and product landing practices.

This time being listed on the “2021 Hard Technology Venture50 in Investment Industry” list, it is the dual recognition of Yixin Technology in the field of technological innovation and the capital market. Hornbeast” enterprise.

About Venture50——

Venture50 (V50 for short), founded by Zero2IPO Ventures in 2006 until now. After 16 years of development and sublimation, it has become the authoritative reference standard for judging the investment of high-growth enterprises in the industry. As of July 2021, statistics show that 70,000+ companies participating in the event have helped companies raise more than US$34 billion in financing. The follow-up financing rate of V50 companies in the past three years has reached 68.5%, and the listing rate is about 28%. Venture50 aims to create a solid soil for China’s innovation and entrepreneurship environment in an all-round and multi-dimensional manner, help capital to promote the implementation of the industry, and promote the development of the real economy.

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