Xinhuanet posted on December 23, the official commissioning ceremony of Wuhan Zhiyuan Jinghan Construction Technology Co., Ltd.’s new intelligent prefabricated building industrial base was held in Jiangxia District, Wuhan.

Xinhuanet: New intelligent prefabricated construction industry base puts into production in Wuhan

The guests who participated in the event visited the assembly workshop successively and learned in detail about the whole production process of the new-style prefabricated building. According to reports, the smooth commissioning of this base will promote the intelligent manufacturing transformation of the prefabricated construction industry in Central China, and will provide feasible solutions for the exploration of informatization and intelligent development of the industry.

According to reports, Wuhan Zhiyuan Jinghan Construction Technology Co., Ltd. invested 250 million yuan in the construction of the new intelligent prefabricated construction industry base. The base occupies an area of ​​106 acres. After completion, it will have a daily output of 36 segments in the Fourth Ring Road, with an annual output of 200,000 m³ of large-scale precast concrete components and 1 million m³ of ready-mixed concrete. This base draws on the current domestic cutting-edge production technology and technology, designed and constructed in accordance with the direction of green building and intelligent manufacturing, and through the integration of project construction information and intelligence, it has made in-depth advances to the field of intelligent manufacturing of assembled components. It currently covers the track Assembled component business such as transportation, tunnel, underground comprehensive pipe gallery, and PC component.


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