In waste management solutions for Belgian farmers, the advantages of smart on-board products are well recognized.VTC 6100 Smart On-Board Industrial Computer Promotes Well-Being for Belgian FarmersLarge farms often contain thousands of beef and dairy cattle, and the safe and efficient disposal of the manure produced is an essential legal requirement. Therefore, it is more and more important for companies to effectively manage, track, weigh and collect bills for waste handling freight companies. A leading waste handling trucking company in Belgium has adopted NEXCOM’s VTC 6100 vehicle-mounted industrial computer in their new waste collection service machine. This smart on-board industrial computer can efficiently schedule and track all garbage collections. Configured with the manufacturer’s own patented weighing software. The VTC 6100 allows the operator to instantly determine how much waste has been collected without having to drive the car to the weighbridge.

What special features make the VTC 6100 an ideal solution for this particular application? First of all, the 3.5G module of the VTC 6100 enables two-way communication, which means that relevant information can be stored and transmitted back to the head office, such as the type of garbage collected, Weight, date, time, order number, customer name and delivery tracking etc. In addition, the driver can conveniently receive data/records sent from the office, which will be displayed on an 8.4 in-vehicle monitor (VTK33M) connected to the VTC 6100 via the LVDS port without additional cables.

Secondly, the intelligent vehicle-mounted industrial computer VTC 6100 provides abundant I/O interfaces, which can facilitate the connection of various peripheral devices. In this application, a weighing scale and a printer are connected to the VTC 6100 at the same time, enhancing functionality and reducing operating time. Finally, the rugged system is designed for harsh and unstable environments. Therefore, the VTC 6100 is the best fleet management application operating in bumpy or rough road conditions. Other features include fanless design, power ignition delay control, low battery protection, e13 mark certification, GPS navigation, and -30°C to 60°C wide operating temperature.

By adopting the VTC 6100 to refuse collection services, trucking companies not only have instant access to the vehicle’s location and route via 3G, but also save a lot of time and money because of on-site weighing equipment and fast and accurate bill processing. Local farmers are also delighted with better service to meet their needs.

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