According to the latest news, Huawei’s PC business is also in danger. In extreme cases, it may follow the footsteps of the mobile phone business and face a desperate situation!

According to Reuters news on January 18, sources told Reuters a day earlier that the Trump administration had notified several chip makers, including Intel, that supply Huawei, it would revoke some licenses to sell products to Huawei, and , plans to reject applications from dozens of other companies to supply Huawei.

Screenshot from Reuters website

Previously, the Trump administration’s sanctions against Huawei have been considered to have reached the level of “extreme sanctions” many times, but the supply of PC chips has not been explicitly restricted, and the industry also believes that this field does not involve 5G, nor can it reach “Threats to national security”, so few analysts believe that this aspect will be limited. But… the Trump administration seems to be determined to do more before the official change, and cut off the supply of PC chips to Huawei.

Given that January 20 is the day of the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected US President Joe Biden, and there are only two or three days left, many media speculate that this may be the last move against Huawei during the Trump administration’s term. . But… according to Trump’s crazy character, it’s actually hard to say. After all, last Friday (15th), when the Trump administration sanctioned companies such as Xiaomi and COMAC, the media also guessed a round of “final moves”, but the results are still miscalculated.

On January 14, US local time, the outgoing US President Trump, his team once again attacked China’s leading large enterprises. Based on “misconduct in the South China Sea”, “military end users” and other reasons, the U.S. Department of Defense and the Department of Commerce imposed sanctions on relevant Chinese officials and companies, adding Xiaomi, COMAC, China Micro semiconductor, High At the same time, nine Chinese companies including Cloud Semiconductor have included CNOOC on the “entity list” and Beijing Skyrizon on the “military end user” (MEU) list.

Now it turns out that Trump’s madness is always unexpected…

The Trump administration says Huawei, the world’s largest maker of communications equipment, threatens U.S. national security and foreign policy interests.

According to Reuters, the relevant email content shows that the American Semiconductor Association said on January 15 that the Commerce Department had issued a “rejection of multiple applications for export licenses to Huawei and the intention to cancel a previously issued export license.” According to anonymous sources, more than one export license was cancelled. The email said the action involved a “wide range” of products in the semiconductor industry and asked if companies had been notified.

Before the operation, some 150 export licenses worth about $120 billion were awaiting approval, the sources said, which had not been approved due to the inability of various U.S. government agencies to reach an agreement.

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