Taiji Industrial subsidiary signed more than 251 million integrated circuit engineering projects

Taiji Industry issued an announcement stating that based on the needs of daily business operations, the subsidiary Eleven Technology plans to sign the “Construction Project Construction Contract” and “Construction Project General Contracting Contract” with Tianjin Zhonghuan and Inner Mongolia Zhonghuan respectively. The total amount of these three projects is 251.37 million yuan. Taiji Industry stated that the above-mentioned related transactions are required for the company’s daily business operations and follow the principles of voluntariness, equality and fairness. The agreement stipulates that the transaction will not harm the interests of the company and shareholders.

Hon Hai’s August revenue exceeded NT$420.5 billion, hitting a new high in a single month this year and the same period over the past years

Hon Hai announced that its revenue in August exceeded NT$420.5 billion, a monthly increase of 4.3% and an annual increase of 5.5%. Hon Hai had previously expected that operations in the third quarter would continue to maintain a quarterly growth trend, mainly due to the strong infrastructure of cloud and Netcom. Hon Hai Chairman Liu Yangwei has set the direction of Hon Hai’s development of “3+3” future industries and technologies (robots, digital medical care, electric vehicles, as well as AI, semiconductors and 5G), of which 5G belongs to the five researches that Hon Hai announced this year to establish a research institute The planned future communication field, and at the same time actively explore the global 5G application demand.

Strategic exit from LCD panel industry Huadong Technology acquired 51% shares of TPV Technology

Recently, Huadong Technology announced that the company plans to sell its 57.646% equity in Nanjing Flat Panel Display and 11.429% equity in Chengdu Display. At the same time, the company intends to purchase 51.00% equity of TPV Technology held by Huadian Co., Ltd. and Innolux Optoelectronics in cash. Huadong Technology said that the company actively seeks strategic transformation, explores and demonstrates various transformation paths, and strives to improve the company’s operating conditions. The listed company intends to achieve strategic transformation through this asset reorganization, while TPV Technology has leading core competitiveness in the field of display and TV manufacturing. and industry status, this transaction will help the listed company complete the strategic transformation, enhance the profitability and asset quality of the listed company, and then enhance the value of the listed company, which is conducive to safeguarding the interests of the small and medium shareholders of the listed company.

Weir shares and the actual controller jointly established Hangzhou Haoxin, and will participate in the IPO strategic placement of investment semiconductor companies

Weir shares issued an announcement stating that the company’s board of directors agreed that the company and related parties and the company’s chairman, controlling shareholder and actual controller Mr. Yu Renrong will jointly invest in the establishment of Hangzhou Haoxin Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), and the company subscribed and contributed RMB 30,600 RMB 10,000, with a capital contribution ratio of 51%, and a related party Mr. Yu Renrong subscribed for a capital contribution of RMB 294 million, with a capital contribution ratio of 49%. Hangzhou Haoxin will be limited to participating in the strategic placement of initial public offerings of upstream and downstream companies in the chip and semiconductor industries. Weir shares said that the company’s joint investment and establishment of Hangzhou Haoxin with related parties will help the company to obtain high-quality projects, explore investment opportunities in the upstream and downstream of the chip and semiconductor industry chain in addition to the existing business, and create investment returns for the company’s shareholders. In the interests of all shareholders of the company.

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