In July this year, in order to accelerate the high-quality development of the cybersecurity industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology drafted the “Three-Year Action Plan for the High-Quality Development of the Cybersecurity Industry (2021-2023) (Draft for Comment)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Action Plan”) “). The “Action Plan” proposes that by 2023, the scale of the network security industry will exceed 250 billion yuan; a number of key core technologies of network security will achieve breakthroughs and reach advanced levels; the integration and innovation of emerging technologies and network security will be significantly accelerated, and the innovation capabilities of network security products and services will be accelerated. further enhanced. To this end, the “Action Plan” proposes to “increase investment in industrial funds” and “guide capital to accurately support enterprise development”.

Under the guidance of the national strategic plan, the network security industry has ushered in the east wind of capital blessing, large-scale financing is emerging, and the state-owned background institutions are particularly active. On September 6, Beijing Zhongrui Tianxia Information Technology Co., Ltd. announced the completion of hundreds of millions of yuan in Series C financing. According to sources, this round of financing can reach 500 million yuan.

According to reports, this round of financing was jointly invested by the Smart Internet Industry Fund, CICC Capital, SDIC Chuanghe, Qianhai Equity, Zhongyuan Qianhai and the Netcom Fund of the old shareholder Xinyard, and Crypto Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor for this round of financing. . After receiving investment from Huachuang Capital, Blue Lake Capital, Yuanqi Capital, and Xinyard’s Netcom Fund, Zhongrui Tianxia has been blessed by a number of state-owned background industry investment institutions.

It has frequently received investment from state-owned resources. On the one hand, Zhongrui Tianxia adheres to the direction of “network attack traceability”. Based on the attacker’s perspective and the concept of “combat confrontation”, its industry-level XDR “integrated security and intelligent operation solution” is a full range of products. It has been widely used in hundreds of customers in key infrastructure industries such as government, energy, finance, national defense, operators, education, and the Internet, effectively helping users build a new generation of advanced security protection systems, and efficiently and intelligently solve daily operations of network security practical problems in the process.

On the other hand, investment institutions are firmly optimistic about the field of network security, and are optimistic about the development direction of Zhongrui Tianxia. The Smart Internet Industry Fund stated that with the successive promulgation of policy documents such as the Data Security Law, the Three-Year Action Plan for the High-Quality Development of the Cybersecurity Industry, and the Regulations on the Protection of Critical Infrastructure, the scale of my country’s cybersecurity industry will continue to grow rapidly. XDR is one of the fastest growing segments in the network security industry. Zhongrui Tianxia has a complete set of XDR tools and has the potential to grow into a platform-based network security company. CICC Capital believes that in the context of the increasing importance of information security, CICC’s practical concept of “from the attacker’s perspective” has been highly recognized by customers and can help customers build an integrated offensive and defensive product and service system. , to provide customers with a full range of security detection and response capabilities. SDIC Chuanghe said that SDIC Chuanghe pays special attention to product-based enterprises. In recent years, the security capability building of enterprises has shifted from compliance-based to effect-based. Zhongrui Tianxia’s network attack source tracing technology case has been widely used in many industries and has become the main means for customers to combat security threats.

According to the person in charge of Zhongrui Tianxia, ​​this financing will accelerate the optimization and innovation of Zhongrui Tianxia’s own business, research and develop new technologies, develop new products, enter new markets, and become a leader in the new development direction of the network security industry. A leader in the security industry.

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