#BSM50GB100D SIEMENS BSM50GB100D New IGBT: 50A1000V;IGBT module Half Bridge IGBT Power Module – w/Fast Free-wheel Diode 50 Amp 1000 Volt , BSM50GB100D pictures, BSM50GB100D price, #BSM50GB100D supplier
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BSM50GB100D Description

BSM50GB100D is one of the best creations of Eupec Infineon. It has a complete half-bridge package with fast free-wheeling diode, direct temperature detection of the junction, converter diode bridge dynamic brake circuit and insulated copper metal base-plate for enhanced thermal protection.

BSM50GB100D Module is very ideal for Three Phase Inverters used for fans and pumps with a grid-connected power supply that offers medium to high-power rating. This module is widely used in building infrastructure and major home appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.

The same applies for grid-connected power tools. Three Phase Inverters are also used in industrial automation which is the dominion of industrial AC and servo drives. These drives are heavily used in food, packaging, logistics system, tool machines and robots, to name but a few.

Eupec Infineon’s dominance and steep exponential growth happens not by chance. It is a result of masterful planning and clear corporate vision. By focusing their expertise and resources to deal with the three main challenges facing the society today, Eupec Infineon won the hearts and admiration of the global community.

IGBT: 50A1000V;IGBT Module Half Bridge IGBT Power Module – w/Fast Free-wheel Diode 50 Amp 1000 Volt