Semikron SKM300GB066D Semikron SKM300GB066D

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.Homogeneous Si
.Trench = Trenchgate technology V CE(sat) with positive temperature coefficient
.High short circuit capability, self limiting to 6 x I C
Typical Applications:
.AC inverter drives
.UPS electronic welders 
.Case temperature limited to Tc=125 °C max,recommended Top=-40…+150 °C
.Product reliability results are valid for Tj ≤150 °C 
.short circuit data:tp≤ 6pu; VGE≤ 15V; Tjj=150°C ;Vcc ≤360V,use of soft RG mecessary!
.Take care of over-voltage caused by stray inductances.

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IGBT module dual SKM300GB066D 300A 600V