On September 17, the Trust Cloud Innovation Summit with the theme of “Everything Can Be Cloud” was successfully held. At the meeting, He Chaoxi, CEO of Sangfor Technology Co., Ltd., shared his views on using cloud computing technology to help users carry out digital transformation. He believes that managed cloud, which combines the advantages of public cloud and private cloud, can help non-tech enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain “digital equality” and enjoy the dividends brought by digital technology, which may become the third choice for users to go to the cloud.

According to reports, Sangfor Cloud Hosting Cloud Sangfor and its partner Zhongyun Data jointly launched cloud services. Different from public cloud, trust cloud hosting cloud provides users with exclusive resources instead of shared resources. Therefore, the trust cloud hosting cloud provides a higher security baseline and more effective protection. At present, it can not only achieve the user’s business online security, secure automatic configuration, distributed protection capabilities, etc., but also when the user’s business is migrated to When hosting the cloud, users will be given a free security checkup.

At the same time, Xinfu Cloud Hosting Cloud has designed a personal and exclusive service model to provide users with exclusive service stewards, which can achieve rapid response, problem tracking and fast closed-loop processing within 5 minutes, and also provide free business migration services, which greatly reduces the cost of The threshold for users to go to the cloud.

In addition, TrustCloud has designed data protection for the entire life cycle in terms of business online deployment, permission control, operation and maintenance, data storage, transmission, and use. Even when the user decides to migrate from the hosting cloud to his own data center, the Trust Cloud Managed Cloud can help the user to migrate for free, eliminating the user’s worries about being bound by the cloud service provider.

He Chaoxi said in his speech: “In the process of digitization, Convince Cloud will be committed to helping every user enjoy the convenience of digitization, assume more security responsibilities, provide better security effects, and protect users’ data sovereignty. Making digital easier and safer for every user.”

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