OmniVision Technologies, Inc., an industry-leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, and Artilux Inc., a leader in SiGe broadband 3D sensing technology, jointly announced the signing of a letter of intent. After formal business exchanges and technical evaluation, cooperation will be launched on CMOS image sensors and germanium-silicon 3D sensing technologies.

The main purpose of this cooperation project is to combine the advanced technology and market position of OmniVision in CMOS digital imaging and the SiGe broadband 3D sensing technology developed by Optical Path to accelerate the introduction of a complete solution into the mobile phone market. The two parties also expect to use this cooperation basis to provide end customers with more diversified and flexible product choices, thereby realizing forward-looking applications in various mobile markets.

The product portfolio not only covers the visible light, 850 and 940 nanometer bands of the current mainstream photographic technologies, but also provides a comprehensive and continuously evolving range of 1350 and 1550 nanometer bands for better outdoor user experience and enhanced eye safety. Dimension Digital Imaging Solutions.

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