The consumer electronics industry is a typical technology-driven industry. Every technological innovation will have a huge impact on our lives while reshaping the industry. With the rapid development of technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, the consumer electronics industry is gradually entering a new stage of development. For chip companies in the upstream position of the entire consumer electronics industry chain, it will inevitably lead the key lifeline of consumer electronics innovation experience and become the core driving force for the transformation of the consumer electronics industry.

But at present, there are very few 5G chip companies facing the open market, and even fewer in the domestic market. As the only 5G chip open market company in mainland China, the content released recently at its 2021 Transcend Future Conference will undoubtedly give the consumer electronics industry a shot in the arm. It is reported that in addition to introducing the product planning of the new 5G brand Zhanrui Tanggula at the conference, Ziguang Zhanrui also made it clear that in the field of consumer electronics, it will adhere to ecological win-win, be oriented to create value, continue to carry out business innovation, and announced that it will cooperate with leading companies in the AR industry. Liangfengtai has reached an important cooperation, and the two parties will jointly develop new 5G smart AR products.

Officially entering AR, Ziguang Zhanrui once again deployed in the new consumer electronics field

Why target the AR field? AR glasses are regarded as the next-generation computing platform after PCs and mobile phones. Compared with smartphones, AR glasses can not only provide the first perspective, hands-free, natural interaction and virtual-real integration experience, but also penetrate into people’s work and life anytime, anywhere. In all respects, it therefore poses a great challenge to the technology. In this AR market deployment, UNISOC will join hands with the industry-leading company Liangfengtai to address the three major pain points of the current AR glasses products: poor comfort, low human-computer interaction efficiency, and weak ability to combine virtual and reality, using its own 5G+AI technology Advantages, improve AR product experience in many dimensions such as reducing system power consumption, improving communication quality, device-cloud integration, and multi-sensor fusion.

This is not the first time that Zhanrui has targeted the layout of new fields. Looking back on the development of Zhanrui consumer electronics in recent years, from 2018 with only some mobile terminals, to 2021, the products have covered mobile phones, tablets, smart wearables, personal travel, Educational applications, smart home and other fields. In the past 2020, there have been more than 50 smart terminals equipped with Zhanrui 5G chips, and the revenue of the smartphone business in the consumer electronics field has increased by more than 50%. In the field of smart wear, Ziguang Zhanrui has become the most competitive and complete product solution company in this field through the people-friendly W307 RTOS products and the flagship W517 products. It occupies a leading position in the global smart children’s watch with a share of more than 60%, and successfully entered the adult watch market.

In addition, there are children’s early education machines, recording and translation pens, smart speakers, TWS Bluetooth headsets, and even visual ear scoops, visual blackhead meters, etc., bringing consumers a new smart experience in different life scenarios. The announcement of an important cooperation with Liangfengtai at this press conference indicates that Zhanrui will make efforts in the field of AR smart glasses, and the overall consumer electronics market will continue to grow.

In addition to these terminals we can imagine, there are many other highly innovative products in the field of consumer electronics that we can’t imagine in the future, which will integrate and change people’s lives from all dimensions. And consumer Electronic products have the characteristics of short life cycle and fast replacement speed. Only with a sense of innovation, combining high-precision technology with the needs of ordinary users, realizing high card positions through early layout, and rushing ahead when the market segment is still a sea blue, can we grasp the first-mover advantage and take the initiative. right. As a high-tech enterprise with many years of technology accumulation, Ziguang Zhanrui has changed its previous status as a market follower, and has taken the initiative to assume the responsibility of the ecological bearer of the digital world, providing advanced technology to the industry and ecology, and expanding the ecological space for the industry to enter new business support.

Today’s Zhanrui has developed from a pure chip technology manufacturer to a leading technology solution provider in various fields of the consumer electronics market. In the future, Zhanrui will continue to conduct in-depth explorations around artificial intelligence, communication technology and visual technology, and continue to develop and innovate in many fields such as smart wear, smart home, and educational applications. Everyone’s intelligent life is inseparable from a variety of intelligent terminals. UNISOC will always adhere to the industry-leading technology to solve the pain points in users’ lives by empowering various categories of consumer products, and provide every consumer To serve the intelligent needs of consumers, and to practice the beautiful vision of “making intelligent life within reach”.

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