With the advent of the 5G era, the popularity of smartphones has accelerated again. Subsequently, the mobile client application (referred to as “APP”) has developed rapidly and in full swing. Each APP is constantly seeking to upgrade and iterate, and strive to create better products and provide better services for users.

APP manufacturers strive to accelerate software updates and iterative upgrades

Today, everyone has a smartphone, and the mobile APP is like a blank advertising wall in the Internet world. Manufacturers have developed various functions (clothing, food, housing, transportation, etc.) through the APP to Display different product information to customers, so that customers can have a deeper understanding of the company’s brand value through the APP, and at the same time enhance the user’s stickiness and quality. keep.

According to the “China Internet Development Report 2020”, China’s mobile Internet users have exceeded 1.3 billion, accounting for 32.17% of the total number of Internet users in the world. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed that my country has initially built the world’s largest 5G mobile network, with 260 million 5G mobile terminal connections and a total of 718,000 5G base stations. With the rapid rise of the Internet, the number of Internet users in China is growing rapidly. As of December 2020, the number of mobile Internet users in my country was 986 million, an increase of 88.85 million mobile Internet users compared with March 2020, and the proportion of Internet users using mobile phones to access the Internet was 99.7%.

The development of APP is closely linked with the development of mobile Internet, and the application of mobile Internet has injected new impetus into the development of APP in all walks of life. More importantly, the application scope and depth of mobile Internet will be continuously expanded and deepened, bringing a broad market space for the expansion of APP. The mobile phone APP software not only realizes the requirements of one-click to achieve the purpose, but also extends to all areas of life and work. Mobile phones are an indispensable life tool in today’s era.

Nowadays, various APP manufacturers continue to update and iteratively upgrade and accelerate the development of APPs. The purpose is to better meet the needs of today’s social development and people’s lives. The diversified development of mobile phone APPs is also the main reason for them to gain a foothold. Stores, games, translation programs, galleries, etc., all aspects of our lives can appear in the form of APPs.

China Unicom APP upgrade to meet the diverse requirements of users

Up to now, the number of 5G users of China Mobile has reached 189 million. By this year, China Unicom APP has served users for more than ten years. Just recently, China Unicom’s mobile phone business hall APP was officially renamed as “China Unicom APP”, and has been comprehensively upgraded in terms of services, life, entertainment, wealth, etc., and is committed to providing customers with a warmer and smarter experience, creating more convenient, more Personalized good life. In the mobile phone of Ms. Yan, a Unicom user, the China Unicom APP is a must-have “artifact”. In her opinion, it is not only convenient to check the phone bills and traffic, but also can solve the problem of eating, drinking and playing in one place. This update has brought her closer to China Unicom. Nearly, a better interactive experience has also increased her attention to China Unicom.

New service experience, focusing on the theme of “high-quality service”, China Unicom APP provides users with integrated, exclusive and differentiated services; new discoveries in life, discounts on meal tickets, movie tickets, shopping coupons, food, drink and entertainment; and entertainment New and exciting, playing games, reading novels, listening to music, traveling, air tickets, hotels, train tickets, all-round phone bill purchase; the most noteworthy is the revised wealth new gameplay, worry-free borrowing, financial deduction, insurance rights, etc. it’s here.

China Unicom APP utilizes its own traffic, big data and highly integrated online and offline capabilities to cooperate with leading companies in various industries such as catering, travel, culture and entertainment to jointly build a new ecosystem of digital life services. A series of platform products, mainly meal tickets, movie tickets and shopping, have been launched to create the ultimate user experience, and users can enjoy discounts in various forms such as “points redemption”, “phone bill purchase” and “instant discount and cashback”. In addition, the “Super Friday” theme day event will be opened for a limited time, bringing together the rights and interests of the explosion of the whole network, collecting high-quality products from various channels, eating, drinking and having fun, more than 50% off.

In addition, China Unicom also actively explores in-depth cooperation with financial institutions, innovates new modes of operation in the communication industry, uses data as a bridge to achieve two-way empowerment of finance and communication, and provides innovative “finance + communication” “one-stop” wealth services for users. It provides information services in the three major areas of credit, wealth management and insurance. All businesses can be completed and viewed online, which is convenient and fast. While providing convenient and fast wealth services, China Unicom can also meet various financial needs in user communication scenarios and create new benefits for users. Call Fee Bao to buy currency funds can not only automatically pay call fees, but also realize asset interest generation, which is flexible and convenient.

In Ms. Yan’s words, “It used to take ten APPs to meet the needs, but now a China Unicom APP has all been realized.” Whether it is the upgrade of APP software or the improvement of service functions, this is a great achievement in the development process of China’s APPs. model. The comprehensively renovated China Unicom APP will continuously optimize the customer experience of all scenarios and processes, and create higher-value services for consumers.

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