Mitsubishi CM600HA-24H Mitsubishi CM600HA-24H Mitsubishi CM600HA-24H Mitsubishi CM600HA-24H

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Module CM600HA-24H
Collector Emitter Voltage V(br)ceo 1.2kV
Collector Emitter Voltage Vces 2.5V
DC Collector Current 600A
No. of Pins 4
Operating Temperature Max 150°C
Operating Temperature Min -40°C
Power Dissipation Pd 4.1kW
SVHC To Be Advised
Transistor Case Style Module
Transistor Polarity N Channel

IGBT module is designed for switching applications. Each module is made up of one IGBT transistor with a reverse-connected super-fast recoveryfree-wheel diode. The IGBT module have both MOSFET high input impedance and GTR low voltage drop two features. IGBT module now widely applied in modern power electronics technology and rank a high statu in large, medium and high frequency power applications.
CM600HA-24H makes perfect combination of GRT and MOSFET advantages with small drive power and low saturation voltage. All components and interconnects are seperated from the heating sinking baseplate.
Keeping attention of CM600HA-24H:  
The CM600HA-24H IGBT module storage places should be kept at a moderate temperature and humidity status. The normal temperture should be range from 5 to 35 Celsius. The normal humidity according to the regulation should be range from 45 to 75%. In particular dry winter, you need humidifier for humidification.
CM600HA-24H IGBT module should be far from the places filled with corrosive gases or dust.
In somewhere with extreme temperature changes, the surface of CM600HA-24H IGBT module may appear dew. So IGBT module should be put in environment with little temperature change.
Not to put heavy things above CM600HA-24H IGBT module.
Keep in mind that the CM600HA-24H IGBT module container should be without electrostatic.
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IGBT Array & Module Transistor N Channel 600 A 1.2 kV 3.67 kW 1.2 kV IGBTMOD