MediaTek’s 5G processor this year has won orders from major manufacturers including Huami OV, and its performance has soared, thanks to the Dimensity series. In addition to the Dimensity 1000/800/700 series this year, there will soon be a new generation of high-end 5G Dimensity chips, using ARM G78 CPU and G77 GPU cores.

According to sources, MediaTek will soon launch a new MT689X processor, upgrade TSMC’s 6nm process, and the architecture is similar to Samsung’s Exynos 1080, which means that the CPU will be ARM’s Cortex-A78, GPU will be Mali-G77, but GPU How many cores are uncertain.

According to the information given, the AnTuTu running score of this processor is around 600,000, which means that it is similar to the Snapdragon 865 and lags behind the Kirin 9000 and Exynos 1080.

Of course, compared with the usual score of 500,000 points for the Dimensity 1000 processor, the performance of this new 6nm processor has improved a lot, but it has not reached the level of the next generation, so it is not the Dimensity 2000, it may be named the Dimensity 1500 series .

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