Beijing, China, February 3, 2021 – Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ: LFUS), the world’s leading manufacturer of circuit protection, power control and sensing technology, today announced the launch of an extended reed Relay product portfolio, the product portfolio expands the voltage capability to include support for AC rated values ​​or DC loads up to 300 Vdc, and provides an input/output isolation voltage of 2500 VRMS. These miniature reed relays are available in single-in-line (SIL) and dual-in-line (DIL) packages.

HE3300, HE3600 and HE700 reed relays

Typical applications for reed relays include position and speed sensing in the following broad markets:

· Security System

· Fire and Safety

· Instruments

· Telecommunications

· Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

· Process Control System

Littelfuse Vice President of Marketing and Strategy Boris Golubovic said: “The expansion of Littelfuse’s reed relay portfolio reflects our commitment to meeting customer needs through technology and product development.” “Reed relays are particularly suitable for a wide range of applications, including processes. Automation and the rapidly growing field of construction technology.”

The new reed relay has the following main advantages:

· Able to achieve up to 1 kHz switching speed and billions of operations.

· The sealed switch contacts are not affected by the external environment, nor will it affect the external environment.

· Compared with competitor electromechanical relays, it has lower power coil consumption.

· Due to the use of small DIL and SIL packages, the board space requirements are extremely low.

· There is no leakage current in the off state, making it an ideal choice for battery-powered equipment.

working principle

Reed relays combine reed switches and coils into one package as a smaller and more energy-efficient alternative to other types of relays. Compared with solid state relays (SSR), reed relays have no leakage current and are more robust to transient spikes. Compared with electromechanical relay switches, reed relays also have longer life, smaller size, higher switching speed and lower power consumption.

Reed relays are used to isolate the switch of loads up to 2500 V between the low voltage control signal and the load circuit. The reed relay adopts a hermetically sealed miniature package and provides complete load disconnection (zero leakage current), which can provide the high reliability required for switching AC/DC signals and loads in harsh environment applications. It is also very suitable for switching analog signals in test and measurement, audio and high frequency applications.


HE3300, HE3600 SIL and HE700 DIL reed relays can be supplied in batches with a quantity of 2,000 pieces. Sample requests can be issued through Littelfuse authorized global distributors. For a list of Littelfuse distributors, please visit

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For more information, see the reed relay product page. For technical questions, please contact Julius Venckus, Global Product Manager, [email protected]

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