Apple T2 chip exposed to serious vulnerability

Highlights: India to increase tariffs on many electronic components from October

Apple macOS devices with Intel processors and T2 chips are vulnerable to exploits that could give attackers root access, according to independent security researcher Niels H., as reported by AppleInsider.

Once attackers gain access to the T2 chip, they will have full root access and kernel execution privileges, the report said. Niels H. said he had contacted Apple to disclose the vulnerabilities, but received no response.

Intel 10nm Ice Lake-SP may be extended to Q1 next year

Highlights: India to increase tariffs on many electronic components from October

A report from DigiTimes claims that Intel has delayed the launch of its 10nm Ice Lake-SP chips, originally scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2020, to the first quarter of 2021.

Intel is said to have informed its partners of the situation, and the specific content may be announced during the company’s Q3 earnings conference. In addition, sources from back-end partners said that they had cut off some orders in the fourth quarter due to the delay of next-generation processors.

my country will carry out 11 launch missions in the next two years

The China Manned Space Engineering Office revealed that my country’s manned space program is making every effort to prepare for the construction of the space station, and strive to complete the on-orbit construction around 2022. According to the plan, 11 launch missions will be carried out in the next two years, successively launching Tianhe core module, Wentian experimental module and Mengtian experimental module, as well as 4 Shenzhou manned spacecraft and 4 Tianzhou cargo spacecraft to complete the orbit of the Chinese Space Station. put up.

Apple will push the Chinese version of the iPhone 12: no 5G support


There are media reports that Apple will push the Chinese version of the iPhone 12: it does not support 5G, or sells it for 4,400 yuan. Apple may launch a customized version of the iPhone 12 for users in the Chinese market this year, but this is only limited to the entry-level model, which will shrink some functionalities, which can be exchanged for a cheaper price.

Microsoft president says to build first data center in Greece

According to Bloomberg News on the 5th, Microsoft President Brad Smith (Brad Smith) said at a trade briefing in Athens on Monday that the first data center will be built in Greece. In June, the Polish Business Daily reported that Google would invest up to $2 billion in a data center in Poland to process cloud services.

CATL ranks second in the world in EV battery sales this year

Yonhap News Agency reported on October 5 that LG Chem ranked first in the world in electric vehicle (EV) battery sales from January to August, a South Korean market research firm said on Monday. LG Chem has a 25 percent share of the global EV battery market, according to SNE Research, with Chinese battery maker CATL in second place with 24 percent, followed by Japan’s Panasonic with 19 percent.

India raises tariffs on a number of Electronic components from October

On October 5th, according to DigiTimes, India officially raised tariffs on a number of electronic product components in October, including panel tariffs that had been delayed for a year and a half, which is expected to further increase the price of smartphones in India and accelerate the industry The pace of panel production in India.

Forbes: Microsoft may buy Nokia again next year

October 6 news According to Forbes yesterday quoted mobile analysis agency CCS Insight news, Microsoft is one of the popular companies to acquire Nokia’s communications and mobile phone business.

The agency’s forecast for 2021 includes the report that Nokia will be acquired by a major U.S. technology company next year, with Microsoft and Intel as possible buyers.

IT House learned that in 2013, Microsoft spent more than $7 billion to acquire Nokia’s mobile phone business, trying to use Windows Phone to provide a third alternative to iPhone and Android phones. Until the fiasco in 2015, the Nokia brand was assigned to HMD.

According to CCS, because the U.S. government prohibits telecom suppliers from using equipment from Chinese suppliers such as Huawei, another telecom equipment manufacturer is needed as its replacement, and it happens that the Nokia Network Communications unit is of interest to the American giants.

In addition, Nokia reached an agreement last week to become the largest equipment supplier to British Telecom (BT), the UK’s largest telecom operator. Mann, director of CCS Insight, said, “Nokia may be easier to acquire, and Microsoft has a strong interest in the telecom space, we have seen them two acquisitions this year (Metaswitch and Affirmed Networks)”.


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