Since entering 2020, the expansion of production by leading photovoltaic companies has never stopped.

Acquisition has become an important means for enterprises to further consolidate their photovoltaic business, promote strategic layout, and improve the company’s profitability and sustainable development capabilities.

On March 16, Chint Electric announced that the company reviewed and approved the “Proposal on the Acquisition of Photovoltaic Power Plant Assets by a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary”.

According to the announcement, Chint Electric agreed to sign an equity transfer agreement with its wholly-owned subsidiary Zhejiang Chint New Energy Development Co., Ltd. 100% equity of 6 photovoltaic power station project companies, involving photovoltaic projects with a total record capacity of 140MW, and the total transaction price is about 181 million yuan.

The specific targets of the transaction are: Aksu Datang New Energy Co., Ltd. (“Aksu Datang”), Yuepu Lake Gaoke New Energy Power Generation Co., Ltd. Shuohengxin”), Turpan Lianxing New Energy Co., Ltd. (“Turpan Lianxing”), Wensu Riyuehui New Energy Co., Ltd. (“He Jing Yi Xin”).

Chint Electric said that through this acquisition, the company’s power station structure and regional layout have been further optimized, and its business in the photovoltaic field has been further expanded; this acquisition is in line with the company’s development strategy and will help the company further enhance its competitiveness.

Chint Electric, which was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in January 2010, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Ten years later, Chint Electric has become a leading enterprise in the domestic low-voltage electrical appliances and new energy industries.

In terms of photovoltaic new energy, since entering the photovoltaic track in 2016, Chint Electric has held approximately 3GW of photovoltaic power plant equity. The continuously optimized power plant asset structure has ensured a stable source of profit.

According to the latest report disclosed by Chint Electric, the company’s photovoltaic new energy business maintained steady growth in the first half of 2019, achieving a main business income of 5.619 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 46.70%.

In the first half of 2019, Chint actively participated in the national bidding for photovoltaic power generation projects organized by the National Energy Administration, and won the bid for 350.68MW of distributed power stations and 300MW of ground power stations, with a total of 650.68MW in total, which is for the investment and construction of power stations in the second half of 2019 Accumulated high-quality and rich project reserves.

Chint Electric has been deeply involved in the manufacture of photovoltaic Modules and cells, investment in the field of photovoltaic power plants, construction and operation, and power plant operation and maintenance. General contracting, equipment supply and operation and maintenance services.

Pan Jie, vice president of Chint Electric, said that photovoltaic new energy, as a sustainable energy alternative, has formed a relatively mature and competitive industrial chain after decades of development.

In fact, Chint Electric’s photovoltaic business is mainly operated by its holding subsidiary Chint New Energy. Astronergy maintains a rapid expansion layout. At present, overseas power plants have covered four continents and regions: Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. The company has also deployed household distributed business, and has formed an integrated model of components, inverters, combiner boxes, and meters by continuously strengthening the original channel advantages.

After years of hard work, Chint New Energy has successfully shaped the image of a leading household enterprise of “household photovoltaics, China sees Zhejiang, and Zhejiang sees Chint” in the industry.

In terms of overseas markets, Chint New Energy’s business covers the whole world. Currently, the construction and development of overseas power stations cover four continents and regions: Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. As of now, Chint New Energy has a cumulative installed capacity of 4,000MW worldwide. In the development of overseas markets, Chint New Energy continues to pay attention to the global high-quality new energy market, and even turns its attention to Australia.

In terms of the domestic market, Astronergy has fully utilized the brand credit and financial management advantages of high-quality listed companies, and established comprehensive cooperation with major domestic and foreign financial institutions. The financing ratio and financing costs are at an advantageous level in the industry. With the advantages of “low comprehensive cost and high operating efficiency”, we will continue to obtain reliable and competitive financing, and create industry-leading power station project returns with the best cost of electricity.

“Chint New Energy owns the whole industry chain from manufacturing end to application end of ‘Faji Inverter Distribution Control’ at the same time, and has rich experience in supporting engineering general contracting and power station operation and maintenance. It is one of the few in the industry that has the entire photovoltaic industry A solution provider and developer with the advantages of chain system integration and technology integration.” Wang Bohua, vice chairman and secretary general of China Photovoltaic Industry Association, once commented on Chint New Energy.

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