As we all know, Apple’s iPhones are not like many Android phones, which often update new products from time to time. Since the first generation of iPhones in 2007, Apple has basically replaced new iPhones every year.

I believe that the fruit fans who have been paying attention to Mingmei Infinite should know that because the ios system is smooth and stable, Apple will not release a new generation of new phones and stop production of the previous generation of new phones. and increase sales. The iPhone 7 series has been in production for more than three years. The sales of this mobile phone are very high. It has only been on sale for more than three months, and the global sales volume has exceeded 150 million units. Now, after three years, the total sales volume must exceed 300 million units. . Not long ago, Apple announced that the iPhone 6 series was officially discontinued. Now Apple officially announced that the iPhone 7 series has entered the clearance mode. Currently, the phone is marked as “clearance section” on Apple’s official website.

Apple’s iPhone 7 is facing liquidation: how do 300 million users feel

Apple’s move may be to prepare for a new phone to be released next year. Recently, a lot of news about Apple’s new iPhone SE2 has been reported on the Internet, saying that it will be officially released in March next year. This new machine may become Apple’s new entry-level iPhone. It is reported that this iPhone SE2 test work has already begun, and it will adopt the classic Apple design, a full-screen design with a screen of no more than 5 inches and a very narrow frame, and will abandon the notch screen and so on. The most important thing is the price. It is reported that the 64GB version of this phone is only priced at 339 US dollars, which is less than 3,000 yuan in RMB, which can be said to be an extremely low price. With reference to the starting price of the iPhone SE of the National Bank, it can be won in the early 3000s.

For this iPhone SE2, Ming-Chi Kuo pointed out in a previous report that shipments of the iPhone SE2 are expected to be 30-40 million units in 2020. For this goal, it should not be difficult for Apple to complete it. First of all, according to the current conservative statistics, there are at least 100 million old users of the iPhone 6 and 6S series, which provides a solid foundation for the replacement. The price of this mobile phone is relatively low, and it will not be too difficult to get started. The relatively reasonable price of this year’s iPhone 11 has proved that as long as Apple’s price is reasonable, it will not be difficult to sell well, even if the appearance is not innovative and does not support 5G networks.

Apple’s iPhone 7 is facing liquidation: how do 300 million users feel

In general, if the iPhone SE2 really arrives, as long as it is at this price, it will definitely not be a problem for hot sales. Referring to the iPhone 11, which is cheaper by a thousand yuan this year, it is a good example. Finally, if the iPhone SE2 is really a 4.7-inch body + A13, will you support it?

In addition, Mingmei infinite also said: The overall performance of the iPhone 7plus is still acceptable, at least it uses the a10 processor. As a relatively good model in Apple’s mobile phones, the stability of the chip has already reached the highest level in the industry. , and in the entire market, we have also seen something that is quite satisfactory, so from the scope of our understanding, such a product has indeed brought us a relatively satisfactory answer, and it is analyzed from its overall strength. , it has better cost performance than the existing new models, so from this aspect, it can also be regarded as a good product.

Apple iPhone 7 has been around for many years, and it is still sought after by many people. It can be seen that the quality of this phone is very worthy of recognition. It seems that there is no problem even if we fight for a few more years. Interested friends can always pay attention.

Whether it’s the hot-selling iPhone 11 this year, or the upcoming iPhone SE2, Apple is trying to make the non-flagship iPhone more cost-effective. The benefits are obvious, and it can attract more users to buy, and then take advantage of this To promote their own services, collect more fees from software and services, and obtain higher profits.

Mingmei Infinite suggests that if a mobile phone has been used for at least three years according to your usage habits, it is best to wait for next year’s iPhone, which will fully support 5G networks, but the price will also increase.

In addition, Mingmei infinitely mentions Apple’s iOS system by the way, but for now, it is still in the beta stage, and the official version is still full of problems. It is necessary to wait for the official version to be pushed. As for the approximate time, according to some recent predictions and the relevant rules of iOS push, the official version of iOS 13.2 is very likely to be released in late October or early November. Will everyone update to version 13.2 by then?

And recently, according to foreign media reports, Apple officially issued a warning to old users of iOS. The warning said that starting from November 3, if you do not update to the latest version, it will affect the GPS location and time of the old device. and date etc.

It is worth mentioning that, according to foreign media reports, Apple may be working on its next wearable device, the Apple Smart Ring. It could potentially have some of the functionality of the Apple Watch, a smartwatch, and also be used to manipulate nearby wireless devices.

Finally, what Mingmei wants to say is: After the iPhone 7 series faces Apple’s clearance, it will inevitably have infinite sighs on the existing 300 million users around the world. I don’t know where these people will go next: buy new Apple iPhones Do you want to start with some Android phone kings?

So, if you have anything else to say about Apple’s clearance of the old iPhone 7 series, you may leave a message in the comment area and let Mingmei participate in the discussion together!

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