Zhitong Finance App learned that with Apple becoming the first US company in history to have a market capitalization of 3 trillion US dollars, Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster recently stated that the logic of Apple’s next rise lies in Meta Universe.

Munster said in an interview: “For me, it doesn’t matter whether Apple’s market value can reach 3 trillion US dollars, but more importantly, where the company’s next stop will be. In the final analysis, I believe in the good days of this company. It’s still to come.”

Munster expects that Apple will seize the opportunity of Metaverse through the AR function on its mobile phones and the introduction of AR/VR glasses. The analyst believes that Apple will release a product preview in 2022, and may release a commercial version in 2023.

In this regard, Munster believes that Apple may rise to $250 in the future, which is equivalent to a market value of 3.8 trillion. In addition, the analyst said that as investors take into account the continuous expansion of its potential market size, Apple’s aggressive entry into Metaverse will further expand its price-earnings ratio.

In addition, in the field of meta universe, Munster pointed out that Meta is another potential winner among large stocks.

However, Munster added that the biggest risk is that the P/E ratio will not expand as he expected, and investors are more on the sidelines of Metaverse.

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