On March 18, the Hurun Research Institute released the “2020 Hurun China Top 10 Private Chip Design Enterprises”. The list lists China’s top 10 local chip design private enterprises according to the company’s market value or valuation.

It is reported that this is the first time that the Hurun Research Institute has released the list. The specific information is as follows:

(Data from Hurun Research Institute)

The list data shows that the total market value of the top ten companies on the list has reached 600 billion, and almost all of them operate in a Fabless (fabless) model. The company only engages in R&D and sales, and entrusts wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing. To professional manufacturers to complete.

It is worth noting that the companies listed this time are mainly engaged in chip design. Therefore, although the domestic technology giant BAT has been involved in chip design, it is not within the scope of statistics. In addition, HiSilicon, which is controlled by Huawei, is not included.

Top 10 companies

1. Weir Shares

Market value: 159 billion yuan

Head: Yu Renrong

Weir was established in June 2006, and its domestic R&D institution is located in Zhangjiang, Shanghai. First-class R&D team and leading technology. The R&D team is mainly from the United States, mainly engaged in analog integrated circuit design or production process control for more than 15 years. It is a leading analog and mixed-signal device manufacturer in China. The company completed the major asset reorganization of OmniVision and Sbike last year, and has become the chip design company with the largest A-share revenue. In 2019, the company’s revenue reached 13.6 billion yuan, and the proportion of semiconductor design business revenue increased to 83.56%, ahead of Huiding Technology’s 6.5 billion yuan.

2. Goodix Technology

Market value: 99 billion yuan

Leader: Zhang Fan

Goodix Technology is a provider of overall application solutions based on chip design and software development. Currently, it mainly provides leading semiconductor software and hardware solutions for smart terminals, Internet of Things and automotive electronics. Products and solutions have been widely used in well-known international and domestic brands such as Huawei, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung, Google, Amazon, Dell, HP, LG, OnePlus, Nokia, and ASUS, serving hundreds of millions of people around the world.

With the strong growth of Android smartphone shipments, Goodix has become the world’s largest supplier of fingerprint recognition chips for Android phones.

3. Zhaoyi Innovation

Market value: 87 billion yuan

Head: Zhu Yiming

Founded in 2005, Zhaoyi Innovation is currently a leading flash memory chip design company in mainland China. The company is committed to the design and development of various high-speed and low-power memory memories. It has more than 180 invention patent applications and 73 authorized patents. The proportion of R&D personnel accounts for 70% of the total number of employees. In 2008, the first Serial Flash product and the first GigaROM product were developed, breaking the foreign monopoly and filling the gap in the domestic market; in 2012, the monthly sales volume of Serial Flash products exceeded 70kk for the first time, and the production process was upgraded to 65nm. The market share has always remained the first in China.

4. Zhuo Sheng Micro

Market value: 55 billion yuan

Head: Xu Zhihan

Zhuosheng Microelectronics was established in 2012 and listed on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on June 18, 2019. The company focuses on the research, development and sales in the field of RF front-end chips, mainly providing RF switches, RF low-noise amplifiers, RF filters and other RF front-end discrete devices and application solutions for various Modules to the market. Power consumption Bluetooth microcontroller chip is a leading domestic RF device and wireless connection chip design company. The product market covers communication base stations, automotive electronics and other application fields.

5. Junzheng

Market value: 41 billion yuan

Head: Liu Qiang

Founded in 2005, Junzheng Integrated Circuit was initiated by the earliest advocates of domestic microprocessors with the support of well-known venture capital funds in the industry. It is committed to the development of independent innovation CPU technology and products in China. Embedded CPU chip and solution provider. The company has the world’s leading embedded CPU technology and low-power technology, launched M series chips for wearable and smart device markets, and launched a package of solutions for smart watches, smart glasses, etc., to help customers quickly develop products and launch products. to the market.

6. Shengbang shares

Market value: 34 billion yuan

Leader: Zhang Shilong

Shengbang Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in domestic analog IC products, focusing on the R&D and sales of high-performance and high-quality analog integrated circuits. semiconductor companies. The product performance and quality are comparable to similar products from world-class analog chip manufacturers, and some key performance indicators have surpassed. They are widely used in communication equipment, consumer electronics, industrial control, medical equipment, automotive electronics and other fields, as well as the Internet of Things, new energy, Emerging markets such as artificial intelligence and 5G.

7. Bitmain

Market value: 33 billion yuan

Head: Wu Jihan

Founded in 2013, Bitmain is a world-leading technology company. Its products include computing power chips, computing power servers, and computing power clouds, which are mainly used in the fields of blockchain and artificial intelligence. Since governments around the world, including China, are tightening regulations on the cryptocurrency industry, Bitmain is targeting AI chips for its next steps. In fact, Bitmain started AI chip research as early as 2015, released the first-generation cloud AI chip BM1680 in 2017, and developed a variety of AI hardware, including accelerator cards and routers equipped with its AI chips, Bitmain said. Its AI hardware is mainly used for image recognition, face recognition and big data analysis, and it has also expanded its business scope to other AI fields such as device computing chips, algorithms and development platforms.

8. Rockchip

Market value: 25 billion yuan

Leader: Limin

Rockchip was established in 2001 and is headquartered in Fuzhou, China. In recent years, Rockchip has become one of the top Chinese chip manufacturers in the world, and has won the thirteenth China Chip Awards. The company focuses on chip research and development in the fields of high-end intelligent hardware, mobile phone accessories and artificial intelligence, and provides competitive chip solutions for applications such as smartphones, tablet computers, streaming media TV boxes, intelligent voice, intelligent vision, new retail, and the Internet of Things. Program. Under the general trend of the Internet of Everything, it is committed to accelerating the integration of intelligent perception technology and realizing the implementation of artificial intelligence scenarios, and at the same time contributing to the acceleration of the localization process of China’s chip industry.

9. Amlogic Semiconductor

Market value: 23 billion yuan

Head: Zhong Peifeng

One of the domestic old-fashioned chip design companies, the global leader in fabless semiconductor system design, provides a variety of multimedia Electronic products for a variety of open platforms, including OTT, IP set-top boxes, smart TVs and smart home products. The company has highly optimized HD multimedia processing engines, system IP and industry-leading CPU and GPU technologies, providing product solutions for pay TV operators, OEMs and ODMs. Amlogic can achieve unprecedented cost, performance and power optimization through various patented technologies. Amlogic can provide turnkey solutions for Android and Linux to help partners quickly deploy to the market.

10. Horizon

Market value: 22 billion yuan

Head: Yu Kai

Horizon has leading artificial intelligence algorithms and chip design capabilities. Through the combination of software and hardware, it designs and develops high-performance, low-cost, low-power edge artificial intelligence chips and solutions, providing cost-effective edge AI chips with extreme power consumption. Efficiency, open tool chain, rich algorithm model examples and comprehensive enabling services, the products are mainly oriented to the fields of intelligent driving and AIoT, and provide industry customers with a complete solution of “chip + algorithm + cloud”. Products include the “Journey” series of processors focused on intelligent driving and the “Sunrise” series of processors focused on AIoT, which have been commercialized on a large scale.

10. Cambrian

Market value: 22 billion yuan

Head: Chen Tianshi

Cambrian focuses on the new intelligent ecology integrating cloud, edge and terminal, and is committed to building core processor chips for various types of intelligent cloud servers, intelligent edge devices, and intelligent terminals, so that machines can better understand and serve human beings. At present, Cambricon has established good cooperative relations with many upstream and downstream enterprises in the smart industry. In the future, Cambricon will continue to adhere to an open and win-win attitude, and build a new intelligent ecosystem with many partners around the world. Breakthroughs and innovations in smart chip technology drive the artificial intelligence computing power engine.

In general, the top ten chip design private enterprise business areas cover image sensors, fingerprint identification chips, flash memory, radio frequency switches, artificial intelligence chips, cryptocurrency mining machine chips, autonomous driving and other fields. Among them, 8 have been listed on A-shares, and 1 has been listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, and the development is good.

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